GoHealth Six-Second Commercials
The Internet is full of things you can skip. But in life, that's not always the case. In these fun six-second online videos for GoHealth Urgent Care, we tied the idea of skipping with never having to wait for care.
Papa Murphy's Pizza CJ McCollum Online Promo
Great series of online promotional videos we did for Papa Murphy's Pizza, leveraging their sponsorship of the Portland Trail Blazers. CJ McCollum did a nice job as our spokesperson. Our budget was $4K all in.
Sq1 Digital Media Video
Fun website video we put together for Sq1, highlighting some our thinking on upper-, mid-funnel digital media tactics, combined with connective, brand-to-local customer conversion trends.
Norwegian PURL (Personal URL)
To help Norwegian collect more email addresses, we created a cruise sweepstakes and a new microsite called PURL (Personalized URL). The microsite was unique in that peoples' own names became their passwords and they could customize the site and content to match their own interests, much like the choices you get with Norwegian's "Freestyle Cruising." Here's the case study.
Digital Marketing Video for Audi North America
What if you could identify an Audi owner before they became one? What if a movie or shopping experience became a moment for lead generation? Hey, it can happen.
Daikin Creative Case Study
As the Brand AOR for Daikin, I wanted to put together a case study, reflecting some of our recent work and the positive results we've gotten from it.
For KinderCare's back-to-school effort, we developed an integrated campaign around 'Adventure Ahead.' Adventurous minds are curious minds and curiosity is one of the fundamental pillars of learning.
MyVidoop Rich Media Banner
An example of the take-over banners we did for MyVidoop.com, a password protection website that allows users to sign into all their favorite websites with just one user name and password. The password is visually based.
MyVidoop.com is a website that allows you to securely sign into all your favorite website with just one username and password. The passkey is visually based, so you can't be hacked.
Comcast SportsNet App
We developed this App for Comcast SportsNet NW, where sports fans in Oregon and Washington can claim their home for NW sports. Each claim is flagged and added to a google map, so other sports fans can review and get stats on the best sports venues throughout the area.
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