Daikin Comfort
What happens when your furnace freezes over in the middle of winter, or your AC burns out mid-summer? We took it to extremes in these spots for Daikin Comfort.
In this spot for Home and Garden Channel, a standard traffic stop bonds two strangers in an unexpected way.
Chase Online
In an age where people are interacting more with their mobile devices and computers than with each other, it can be refreshing to have a live conversation with a real person, even online. That's what makes this new service for Chase bank so great.
GoHealth_Sick To Smile
First TV Commercial ever for GoHealth, our newest client! They have a terrific healthcare model, partnering with larger healthcare networks to offer patients a broader selection of doctors and specialists for aftercare. Forget about primary care. This is priority care!
You can get lost in a Jeep and find yourself along the way.
Independent Film Channel
If we had to order the right ingredients for a tasteful movie, we wouldn't have that much selection in Hollywood.
Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking
Florida’s Coalition Against Human Trafficking wanted to create awareness of how slavery is no longer a thing of the past, but is happening all around us every day. Our idea was to tie modern slavery to the history of slavery, where live human beings were bid on in public auctions. We found a song by the late Robert Brown Jr., "Bid 'Em In", recorded in 1960, that depicted the cold blooded auction of slaves. We then juxtaposed these lyrics with a modern day casting call of young women and men, to show that we still have slave auctions today, only the method has changed to online. People think they’re auditioning for a roll. Only it’s much different than they’re expecting.
Midway Home Entertainment
Midway's new Wayne Gretzky hockey game is so good, even the real Wayne Gretzky is getting his ass kicked.
Comcast Testimonials
With new competition entering the market, Comcast wanted to reaffirm their local presence of the Portland area. We shot this campaign throughout Portland and used existing Comcast customers who felt Comcast was the only game in town.
Chase Securities of Texas
It's great to be able to use your bank to invest for your kids college education. It's also great when your kid knows what he/she wants to be.
The client goal was to highlight Samsung's global presence by announcing the time in four different countries. With that said, we decided to shoot it in Iceland.
Gresham Jeep_Mud
TV Spot we did for Gresham Jeep, Ram, Chrysler, Dodge. This was the You Tube version.
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