My Favorite Things
Hey, glad you could make it. If you’re here, you’re probably as curious about me as I am about you. So I’ll start with me and hopefully you can tell me more about you below. I’m a CD/writer who grew up in the great white north and the deep fried south, pretty much at the same time. Needless to say, there are qualities of both I’ve carried with me. The New Yorker in me always speaks my mind. The southerner in me still holds the door when a lady walks in. Especially if she’s my boss. I used to thrive on high-risk adventure, but now that I have two beautiful children, I’m thrilled with golf, scuba and snowboarding. I’ve worked for global agencies like DDB, Y&R, Cheil Communications and Leo Burnett, so I come with national and international experience on successful brands like Samsung, Chase, Sony, Midway Home Entertainment, American Airlines and others. Throughout my career, I’ve worked with large and tiny budgets and learned that neither determines the quality of your ideas. Hope you enjoy the work. Thanks for stopping by.
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